Author: Amy

From “Rags To Riches”

Everyday thousands of NYC citizens plunge into homelessness. There are many reasons people become homeless and yet there aren’t enough activities to help them. Most people go homeless due to the lack of affordable housing, domestic violence, and other issues. In my presentation, I discuss ways in which we can help the homeless in an affordable manner. For example, we can donate any food, money, clothes, shoes, and furniture we can spare. And we can volunteer at shelters, or organizations that deals with this issue. My goal is to get as much people as possible to become interested in this issue. By doing this, we would be able to decrease homelessness in NYC even if we are not able to stop it. To achieve my goal, I would need to gain as much supporters or followers as possible in this organization so that we can all work together to make this happen.

I completed this presentation through my research and Adobe Sparks. In one slide I mentioned the issue that many vagrants are facing and in the second slide I discuss possible activities in which we can help. Each of my group members made different presentations on Homelessness. The others did homeless population, reasons people go homeless, and organizations that deal with homelessness. These presentations all relate back to one goal which is to create more shelters in which we can help the homeless. We also used other methods to gain as many supporters as possible. For example, we made a petition, memes, blogs, and posts on social media. We hope to be heard out and make a difference in homelessness.

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