In the poem “ Harlem” by Langston Hughes he talks about a dream deferred and the negative outcomes of what can happen when it’s not fulfilled. One of the quotes that first stood out to me was “Does it stink like rotten meat?” this was one of a bunch of similes that the poet use in their poem to compare what happens to a dream postponed. This stood out to me because it made me think and realized that in this poem langston hughes is using similes to compare a dream postponed. He compares things that will sometimes get ignored and unnoticed, and put off to later. Until it starts to become a problem like rotten meat”. This is important and helps build the poem because it helps show the realness of a postponed dream and how rotten it can get if not fulfilled or even if you don’t try. It starts begins to spread and be a problem.

In the same poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes he talks about what happens to a dream deferred then he goes in to talk about the outcome of a postponed dream ending the poem with the line “Or does it explode?”. The comments and reactions that this line had me thinking is “ why is he comparing a deferred dream to an explosion? Could he be saying that when pushing a dream aside for a long time resentment starts to build up and then you just explode like bomb. Its nothing but violences this line connotes with negativity and bad things”. When an explosion takes place it can be very violent and burst, just like when dream are pushed aside and not fulfilled it can trigger anger and pain and you burst and just like a bomb you affect everyone around you. This could also cause physical and self destruction mentally, physically,  and emotionally.




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