As a consumer, I was extremely interested in the meat industry and how it worked. A few years ago, I decided to search up more information about the industry and what I found as extremely absurd. This year, I was told to create a digital activism project, where I would present a certain topic and help make a change. I decided that I would like to change the conditions in a chicken factory and increase the health checks in chicken farms.

Chickens have been known to be one of the most eaten and sold meats in the US and our in almost all of the most popular foods. Factory farms force chickens to grow at an extreme rate, increasing the diseases that spread within them, and decreasing the health of farmers and consumers. Chickens are feed with poison and feces that come from other animals, items that can cause diseases and cancer in humans.

As many individuals haven’t been able to learn a lot about the chicken industry, I wanted to create a blog where I dedicate myself to researching the conditions in chickens farms and informing people about what goes on in the farms. I created a youtube video as well for visual and audio learners where I talk about arsenic poisoning in chicken feed. It would mean a lot to me if you check it out! I will also link my blog as well as a petition to increase health checks in chicken farms.


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