Posted by Joanne on May 15, 2019

The Lack of Quality and Affordability in American Healthcare

Demonstrated in this presentation, there is a serious lack of affordable and in certain instances, a lack of quality, in American healthcare. This topic of healthcare is extremely intriguing and it must take notice of others in our community. The reason why we must raise awareness to this lack of quality and affordable healthcare is the fact that people in our society may not function without their ability to pay for healthcare. From STD testings to sore throats and vaccinations, it is vital for all people to be able to access the treatment to their illness- no matter their financial status.

A much more affordable option opposed to other conventional healthcare settings would be a clinic. Clinics provide much more affordable treatments and checkups rather than a local doctor or hospital. In fact, clinics might even carry cures and treatments of better quality, considering the fact that they aren’t skimping on the adequate healthcare coverage. The majority of clinics will encourage a healthier environment and community, benefitting all people and securing their mental/physical health!

In the meantime, check out our blog above. We speak more on the fact of healthcare in America and we highlight the importance of this.