Posted by Julissa on May 15, 2019

My view of the East River

   When I was little, I would sit out on my balcony with my feet up on the railing at sunset,and I’d take pictures with my phone. My sister gave me her Polaroid camera because she didn’t use it much. I’d keep all the photos thinking that someday I’d make a collage of them, or learn how to even do that. Then one day a few weeks before my birthday, my mom took me to Best Buy to buy me a real camera, but she didn’t tell me until we got there. And i was excited, but i realized that i wouldn’t use it much because i like the easy but old cameras, where i just had to take the picture and its prints or i just take it somewhere to print it out from my phone. The camera i chose looked pretty old school but the way it worked didn’t really appeal to my eye, but i decided to take it as a gift from my mom and try it out. I didn’t like it, i found it too complicated and kind of took the fun from taking pictures. I wished i could of found interest in it but i didn’t, so my sister took it so she can use it and my mom felt pretty upset but not alot, only because the camera was supposed to be for me and i basically didn’t like/ want it. I was still grateful for the fact that she thought about buying me the camera because she saw i was interested in photography.

       Whenever i’m on my balcony i feel kind of relaxed and peaceful because i’m away from everything yet i still have a sense of feeling like i am outside. I used to draw on the walls of it with chalk when i couldn’t go to the park to draw on the concrete, I’d play with the snow that would fall onto the balcony, and i would sometimes read or eat there as well. Now i don’t at all but i still go out there to breath for a while and just enjoy my view of the city.