Author: Nyasa

My MultiMedia Presentation

This video right here is a presentation I did for my school that talks about period poverty all around the world. Period poverty is a serious issue that’s about how much sufferance women have to go through to get access to menstrual products if they are poor or simply don’t have enough money to pay for such high prices of such products. This is why there are many campaigns out there that are trying to raise money for period poverty and also trying to remove the tampon tax on any menstrual product to make it more affordable for all.

As shown in the video, many women in third-world countries sometime in their lives have to choose between buying food or buying menstrual products. Like stated before, many projects are trying to fight for the fact that every woman out there deserves a pad or any product they use, no matter their financial status. The video also shows the issues of period poverty all around the globe, not simply in America itself, to make it better for people to see why thousands and thousands of women are suffering.

My friends and I also have a blog post that explains more about period poverty and other issues in the world related to the horrible luxury tax placed on menstrual products.