Posted by Eclas on May 15, 2019

Move on// Eclas Adde

My name is Eclas im 17 years old. I attend HSHMC in California. I’m an outgoing person. I like seeing the best in anything and anyone. I’m usually doing better independent. I was born In San Diego. I lived in San Diego my whole life. I spent my time watching my favorite shows out of school. In school, I’m focused on my work! Something i’m good at is doing makeup. I’m not perfect, i’m still learning but I been working on doing makeup ever since growing up. My plans for the future is finish school and build my own little family I’m proud of. I want to have a nice job, nice house and nice car.

Some things that might surprise you about me is that I’m always alone and I actually love it. I’m independent! I love being alone. Being alone strengthened me. I learned a lot by just observing and listening. I don’t dependent on anyone but myself. I don’t like to open up as much either. I juggle so much in my life and i’m proud of myself!