Drunk driving has a huge impact on society and on people’s lives, and there needs to be ways to spread awareness about it. If people were more educated and aware about it, there would perhaps be a decrease in the number of deaths caused by it daily.

I made a video about the history of drunk driving as the first step to educate people on this topic. This understanding has to start from the beginning, explaining how drunk driving has developed to the point it is today. My video starts by explaining that the first ever recorded arrest from driving under the influence was made 1897, and leads into the creation of the first law against drunk driving and the invention of the Drunkometer. The invention of the Drunkometer lead to the invention of the Breathalyzer which we use in todays day and age. I also mention the creation of two very influential organizations, MADD and RID.

Having a basis so that knowledge can be built up in it is always good. Understanding first the history and development of drunk driving will help understand the severity of drunk driving and help people understand why they have to at all costs not drink and drive. Drinking and driving not only risks the life of the driver but also risks the life of innocent victims.

I am very dedicated to educated others about the dangers of drinking and driving, so I also have a blog where I post often about all things drinking and driving related. Here is a link to one of my blog posts:

Here is a link to my youtube video:

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  1. Kristen 1 year ago

    Hi Natalia,
    I agree with you! Drunk driving is still a serious problem. I believe people don’t understand how serious it is. You could kill someone, a human being who is just like you! You could be in jail for how many years! That is not how you live life.

    I love your video! Very good statistics. But I have a question for you. Do you think you could make a video on what to do when you see a drunk person who is about to drive? I see that drunk driving often happens after a group setting. I believe there are people who are not as drunk that don’t step up and tell the drunk person, “No, don’t drive. Stay here for now.”

    Just a thought but you did an AMAZING JOB!


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