What I know is that the military, specifically the army, is that it is very strict. For instance, at certain times a person who is enlisted in the army must do things and also play by the rules. Army people have to wake up on time and be ready to go at a certain time if not, there are very serious consequences. The army requires a lot of discipline. I am really interested in how the military builds leaders. I hope that the military teaches me to be a more patient person, remain calmer, and help me get through the day.

I am interested in understanding how the military changes people. Is it common for someone to enter the military and change for the better? I am also interested in how the military changes people in negative ways too. Like, are mental health issues addressed in the military? In the military, if a person is not in charge how do they learn to follow orders? Will I learn patience and calmness if I enroll?

“The military attracts certain personality types in the first place, including people who tend to be lower in agreeableness, as well as generally less anxious and less open to new experiences (in other words, people who like rules). But in controlling for these self-selection biases, the researchers still found that military service leaves a lasting impression on the personalities of people in a way that few other experiences do.”



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  1. Mary 3 months ago

    I think it’s great that you’re interested in the army and how well it works. It’s true it is very strict because it’s designed to teach you discipline and respect. It’s also interesting that you’re thinking of these high level questions about the military. For example, “are mental health issues addressed in the military?” This is good question to ask because they go through dangerous and traumatic things on a regular basis so being able to see if they are being taken care of is something good to think about. Here’s an article from theatlantic I think you’d might like about the need for people in the military to receive psychological help. (https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/01/the-urgent-need-for-confidential-psychological-care-for-us-military/266381/) I really enjoyed this article and hope to see more writing from you soon.

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