Posted by Irvin on May 10, 2019

Upstander Reflection

Reflection For Proposal

For the last 4 weeks i’ve been working on a upstander proposal. The proposal was about global warming and its effects on animals. We did Research and made a instagram and some flyers and posted them around the school to raise awareness.

To me what an upstander means to me now is someone who is very passionate about a topic and does community events and plans a lot of other stuff as well. An upstander might be a person who spit out facts about a certain topic and a person who might change minds or views of people and change the way people think.

Something that I have learned about myself as a student and as a person is that when I really put my mind onto things like I can be great at explaining and helping out people out. Something else i’ve learned about myself is that I can analyze and reflect pretty good too and I wasn’t that good at that in the beginning of the year and I felt like i’ve done pretty good growing.

Something that I have learned as an upstander is that there is a lot of other people that will support you along the way and help you out and people will be by your side i’ve seen it happen in this project.

Some next steps I would like to take as an upstander for this topic is to try to make more post on the instagram and at least do some community organizing. And I would like to help out on other topics as well like drunk driving because there are a lot of drunk drivers.

Some advice I would give to other upstanders is that no matter who doubts you or say other always try your best and you will accomplish what your goal was. And if you want to create change create it and don’t let anyone bring you or your dreams be brought down.