Author: Beatriz

Upstander Reflection

My upstander project was about sexual harassment in the workplace and what we did was raise awareness about the topic because it is a serious issue that happens around the world. What me and my group did (Jessica and Ashley) was chalk statistics and do art about sexual harassment outside the school so people could see. Next, we decided to make ribbons so that people at our school could wear it to show support for victims of sexual harassment. Another action we did was do a popsicle giveaway where we would give free popsicles to people who followed our instagram account and liked our posts. The popsicle giveaway was very effective because we gained followers so that more people could be active on our instagram page (@wesupportvictims) and see our work.

To me being an upstander means to speak up about an issue that needs to be given attention. By being an upstander you do work and raise awareness so that other people that see your work learn something new. Being an upstander means you support the topic you are speaking out about and helping there to be less oppression and make the oppressed groups be liberated.

What I learned about myself during this upstander project was that I can be able to speak up about an issue that I am passionate about because I know what I can do to raise awareness and support others. I learned that I can be a great presenter because for the trifold presentations I knew what to say and how to be professional.

As an upstander I learned about myself that I can do well in presenting to people