Author: Estefani

Upstander Project

What your project about/action?

My upstander project was about Child Sex Trafficking. Child sex trafficking is the trade of youth for the purpose of sexual slavery and commercial sexual exploitation. It is important to let people know about this issue and wake people up about this problem .

What does being Upstander mean to you now?

What being a upstander mean  to me is speaking up for what is right and to let people know what’s bad and to change that issue into something good or stop the problem.

What did you learn about about yourself as Student/Person in this project?

What I learned about myself as a person in this project is that I can speak up about something that is important and that I can let people know about this issue. Also that I really got to be a little less nervous to present things in front of people if I am in a group.

What did you learn as an Upstander?

As a upstander I learned that not many people knew that Child Sex Trafficking happens in Oakland. It’s good to let people know about this issue because not a lot of people speak up about this problem and

Next steps you would like to take as an upstander for this issue or another issue?

The next steps I would like to take for this issue is that I would like to raise more money for the organization called MISSSEY. MISSEY is a organization that protects Oakland youth from Child Sex Traffickers .

Advice to other Upstanders,students looking to create a change?

Advice I would give to people is to try your hardest to make a change and make other people feel woke about this issue or any other issue.