Inspiration is hope

Hope is that I will be in S.W.A.T van breaching through doors one day.

Dreaming is inspiration

My dream is going to become true when i’m in a standout one day with S.W.A.T

Make that your inspiration

Make whatever inspired you  come true

Think the unthinkable

Make the unthinkable true

Do the unthinkable.

First people who i will call if i need help with anything or need somebody to talk to.

Angry with each other most of the time because that what families do.

Mom is one of my favorite people in my family because she always there for me.

Inspires me to go get some money to help yourself and help whoever need it in the family.

Love everybody in your Family because you might need one of them one day.

Young people are the best people in the family because they are so joyful and fun to be around

Home is somewhere where i feel say
Old house owned by our family for a long time

Mice nipple on everything
Everything is memory in that house

Our place to come together as a family
Ready for me to come in and chill in it

Help me find a place to chill when im mad
Only place I can do whatever i want in it
United me and my family for a closer bond
Safe Place when its something going on outside
Everyone in there is happy.

Gun down hands up

Using Guns is NEVER the answer

Never use them to look cool or to scare somebody

Very dangerous and should not be played with

In a lot of situations even cops use them to kill people who shouldn’t be killed

Often use for good use

Learned that you got to be 18 to carry a Assault Rifle and 21 to own a pistol

Ended up crying over gun violence

National problem because people think guns is the answer

Causes more deaths because people want payback and revenge

Emotional a problem because people think its funny to kill someone to see they family crying


A person I had to count on when nobody’s around

A person I had to count on when i needed something

A person I loved so dearly

A person I loved no matter if he was annoying at time

A person I knew always had my back


A person who god took away from me

A person who last words was I Love you

A person who i saw the day god took him away from me


A person who always wanted to be around me

A person i always wanted to be around

A person who would call everyday to see if i was okay and straight

A person i called when something didn’t go my way

A person who gave me whatever i wanted and he didn’t ask for anything when i was around because i knew what he wanted and i got it.


A person who is not here anymore

A person who passes November 4

A person who made me pass out when i saw them in the box

A person who i had to bury

A person Who loved me and i loved DEARLY


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