Author: Jessica

My Reflection on Spreading Awareness for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

In my humanities class, I did a project with a team that was about having an issue to upstand for by spreading awareness/making a change. My team and I’s issue was sexual harassment in the workplace. We did a whole week of action to spread our issue and made a tri-fold to be able to present our topic. Being an upstander means to stand up for yourself and others for whatever you believe in. You can be an upstander by spreading awareness and helping others.

In this project what I learned about myself is as a student it can sometimes be difficult for me working in a group since there will be times where my team doesn’t agree with each other on what to do. As a person what I learned about myself is that I enjoy and I’m emphatic about spreading awareness for serious issues. Being an upstander for my topic, what I had learned is it can be challenging to plan out how to start spreading awareness for an issue and having a limit of money and time. I also found it really tough to figure out WHAT my team and I wanted to do as actions. My team and I showed an immense endeavor making us get over these impediments.

Some next steps I would like to take as an upstander for this issue is I would love to keep my team and I’s Instagram account alive to continue to spread awareness through social media. Also maybe I could research some more ways that I could spread awareness or help the victims of sexual harassment. To others who are looking into creating a change or raising awareness my advice is to make sure you have everything planned well and that you have a positive group of people helping you on your embark of creating a change.