Author: Lizeth

Mommy and Student at the Same Time

Hi my name is Lizeth. I am at school right now and my goal is to graduate, but it is not that easy having two kids. I was born in Mexico. I have two important things that have happened to me. They were when I became a mom for the first time and most recently I had my second son. Currently, I live in Austin.

I like to get my credits done fast, so I can graduate. Luckily at my school classes are on a computer and get to do them fast. I think i’m good at math more than other subjects. I enjoy when I get a class credit done. I think that I am good at being a mom and  I got good at this from having kids.

I know at least one person who is close to me that has dropped out of high school because they were not able to finish. I don’t know the reasons why but I think maybe it is because she did not have enough support from her parents, or maybe it was because she had a baby and did not have anybody to take care of her child. I don’t know her reasons why she dropped out, but I don’t blame her. It is not that easy to be a student and be a mother at the same time. It is a challenge that all pregnant teenagers go through. They have to decide between their kids or to study, or you could try to graduate like I am working hard to finish.