Posted by Roberto Guardado on May 10, 2019

Gun violence reflection.

The  project was about school shootings in school we was focusing on how many people have died in these past years because of guns in school, and about peoples opinion about the topic here at Life Academy, how they felt what were their opinion and what they know and think about the topic. Being and upstander means a lot to me actually because i want to make changes so we can have more peace and happines and not hate and sadness in this world and talk to people when i know they are doing or saying  something bad that can hurt someones feelings because i feel like everyone should be happy and some people don’t really get that and they make other people feel sad and we can’t improve as a family like we are doing today and looking at the news and see people are dying. As a student i learned that we can teach others and that is not only teachers work, and that it feels good to know about an important issue that is happening today and it will still happening if we don’t do anything to stop. As an upstander i learned that we need to speak up for things that are not right or may be offensive, that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can be mature in these important and serious topics and know that we all have the right to be happy in this world and know the rights for everyone and be opened minded and accepted because I feel like that is very important for you to be an upstander. A next step I want to take as an upstander of the issue I did which was gun violence Is that I would like to still talk about this topic and teach other students if they want to learn more about the topic and how can affects other people, if they are interested and feel like they would like to make a change too I would like to create a group of people to teach other students about this important topic at Life Academy for them to know and be aware. An advice I have for other upstanders or students that are looking to create a change is just be respectful and try to make people happy by saying good things to them I guess and talk to people even if you don’t know them when you hear they are saying something bad or offensive talk to them and correct them and teach them the right way for them to learn.