Author: Marleni

Upstander Reflection

Upstander Reflection

What was our project about?

For our upstander project we had to create a movement that would be effective in raising awareness for children who have been sex trafficked before. As a group we came up with a movement that would really push others to think about this issue instead of ignoring its importantance. The issue is that children are being taken away from their mothers and fathers, and are abused and forced into prostitution.

For our action we created candy bags and sold them around our community to raises money for the MISSSEY organization.

What does being an upstander mean to me now?

Being an upstander is just about speaking up for yourself or for others. Its about taking action and creating something bigger than that. This project has expanded my meaning on being an upstander. Now that I have actually done something (donating money to the MISSSEY organization) for my community, I have realized that being an upstander is very beneficial for our community and for those being sex  trafficked at a young age.

What did you learn about yourself as a person?

I learned that I am capable of doing better things for other people. I learned that I can be empathetic and help those who need help. By raising money for the MISSSEY organiziation we are being apart of their grand action.

Next steps?

My next step is to use our instagram to keep educating others on how important this topic really is. As a member of this community I would want to be aware of what is happeing around me and what the real dangers are in oakland.