Me and my groups project was about diabetes prevention. Our action plan was to make an Instagram and hang up flyers. The reason we went with these two ideas was because we wanted to use a big platform to show off our project, plus lots of teens and adults use Instagram and might come across our page and want to help or support us. Being an upstander to me is just standing up for a cause and putting 100% into helping the problem it also means you have to put a lot of hard work in and practice into getting ready to talk about your problem and why people should stand behind you to help. Something that I learned about myself in this project is that even if something isn’t your first choice or you don’t get a group you don’t want to work with you have to learn to accept your group and learn that teamwork is something that you have to work out with everyone. Something else I learned about myself is that I was able to memorize my cards without them and to me, that shows that all the preparing in class and going over my cards at home helped me. Something that I learned as an upstander is that you have to keep working hard through your whole project or your you won’t come out with the best outcomes or finish something on time. For example, me and my team started to slack towards the end of our trifold which lead us to finishing it lasting then we expected and wanted. If I was able to be an upstander for a different topic it would probably to make Oakland a better place and I don’t mean by adding a better building or moving people out I mean by cleaning the streets, painting over graffiti, and etc. If you are trying to become an upstander my advice to you is to work hard from day one and never give up no matter how hard or complicated things get.

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  1. Ruby 1 year ago

    Hi Christina, I love the idea of Diabetes prevention because it is a very prominent health issue in our society right now. I was wondering what kind of posts you would post on your Instagram to make people care about the content. I feel like if they were just posts about the dangers of Diabetes no one would want to have that in their feed. Although I love the idea for instagram because it is such a large media platform. Also I was wondering where would you hang up the posters and do you think that would have the most impact opposed to other methods? How often do you take advice from posters you see?

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