My final project for this year was the “Upstander Project” which was taking action for a issue that is in going on this our community or in general. I decided to take action for food deserts because it’s a very huge problem specifically in our community where there is multiple “low income” families. This was about how in the Deep East Oakland there is several liquor stores and very few grocery stores in fact not only this but also the problem is that grocery store food prices are somewhat expensive which means not all families are able to afford fruits and veggies that are sold in grocery stores. In order to bring attention to this problem my team and I created flyers to put up around our community, we made a bulletin board in our school hallway to show students and staff this issue which isn’t talked about whatsoever, and we wrote a letter to our Mayor Libby Schaaf to try and reach out to her and get support from her to improve this problem. One of our whole class action was to make a tri-fold to present at Peralta Park to different professors and community members to inform them about the issues we as a class researched and tried to bring awareness to. Well what is being and upstander, why the “Upstander Project”? Being and upstander means standing up for issues that are impacting our people/community in various ways. This doesn’t mean going and breaking the laws or physically fighting, being and upstander means bringing awareness to issue you believe in and finding ways to improve them by peacefully taking action. In fact, during this project I was able to learn that as a young person trying to make it out of this cruel world I can create a change, we all can as long as we set our mind to it and dedicate time and effort. Nothing comes easy in life and we all know that, fighting for issues that are in our real life is very difficult but if one cares about it there is nothing that will stop you from achieving your goal and fighting for what you believe. As and upstander I also learned that taking action for real life problems can be very complicated and stressful because there will always be small things that intrude with the plans you have. Dedicating time and effort to real problems isn’t easy but we should let the passion take over us and try to move forward with what we think is right no matter how much time and effort it takes! There is an immense amount of problems in the entire world which aren’t all talked about at all but if I were to continue to be an upstander for Food Deserts in my community I’d push to make some community gardens in which community members can help grow. If this does succeed I’d try to push and get many community gardens and open up farmers markets twice a week where everyone can buy fresh fruits and veggies at very affordable prices! Overall, this was a great experience and I’m beyond happy that I was able to be part of this project. It has taught me so much over very little time but being an upstander is difficult and stressful. To all of those who are fighting for different issues out in the world, don’t give up because nothing is impossible if you are able to beat the impossible. Everything in life isn’t easy and we all know that but let’s make our communities the best they can be and continue to be the strong warrior you are because sooner or later you’ll achieve your goal, I know you will!


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