Our project was about making a change with actions, such as putting up flyers and making an instagram account to spread awareness about our issue. The actions we chose to do is hang up flyers around the school to spread awareness. Something I did was go to College track and hung up my flyers there so that people outside our school are also aware about our issue. All of Oakland people should be aware of this problem. An upstander is someone who notices a problem / issue, and make a change so that the issue doesn’t hurt anyone. The issue doesn’t have to hurt them, but they just notice a problem that hurts someone else, and they stand up for those people. Our class, 2022, are upstanders because we found a problem that we’re passionate about and did actions to make a change. I learned that I can do some good research that connects with our issue and that I can work well with my teammates. Something I can do better though, is communication. I feel like I could’ve talked to my whole team more on what is OK to do and what is an action we all agree on doing. Something else is we could’ve divided our work equally because some of our teammates did more work than others. I learned that I can make a change, like putting up flyers to spread awareness so that people can be aware about this issue. I can do something small and make a big impact because now that people are aware about this issue, they can be upstanders and make a change too. Next steps I would like to take is me and my team somehow have a conversation with Libby Schaaf to talk to her about our issue and convince her to make a program in Oakland that will support youth with drug addictions, or simply just educate youth on how drugs can be harmful. If any other students want to make a change, they can go on social media, make an account and talk about your issue, how viewers can support you, and just use social media as your platform. Twitter and Instagram is a very powerful way to get your voice out there. Make sure to be professional so that people can believe that you’re reliable and prove that people can trust you. The more support you have, the more likely you are to make a change.  


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