My project was about domestic violence and how more women go through domestic violence. We talked about ways that we could help those people not be scare and to be able to get out of that violence life because not many people pay attention to this issue. This issue is very important and not many people help all of this woman’s so they could stop getting hurt.

Being an upstander to me means to stand up for other people that need help because there’s a lot of issues going on in this world that not many people try to help them so they won’t keep getting hurt. What upstanders mean is just stand up for people be there for people respect each other the race of every human don’t matter everyone should be treated equal. If we see someone say some to another person that is making them feel bad don’t just stay there go and help them.

What I learned about myself as a student is that im capable of doing things that I think im not gonna be able to do or its too hard.But  I learned that not everything is going to easy in life and giving up will not be the correct thing to do. The correct thing to do is not give up and try even when things get hard. There will be a point in your life were you just gonna feel like im just done but always ask for help when you feel like that because the more you feel that way the more you get stressed out and you will just sit their not knowing where to start. Also in being fearlessness because i’m a shy type of person and through out freshmen year I have learned to be more open and not be scared to speak out what I think or want.

What I learned as an upstander is to make sure people actually listen to you.To make your voice be heard and show the community that you care which will make them care too. Bringing awareness is hard if you don’t have that many support from people. For example issue was domestic violence I don’t see  that many people making a change in about this issue there is there’s no one trying to help these people to not get hurt no more and being a upstander is to help people out what i did for my project yesterday was showing that i was making a change for domestic violence and making awareness by educating youth about this topic and showing them how they could help a love if they are going through domestic violence.

The next steps I want to take is to make meeting where I can talk to to adults about domestic violence and being able to share information with them about what is domestic violence and what’s not okay, and the whole point of this is to stop domestic violence and to open people’s eyes and make them see that what they are doing is not ok and they need to stop, everyone deserves to live their live peacefully with no harm.

My advice to those who want to be an upstander is to actually have a goal and be passionate about what they want the community to know. To not only do it because they are forced to do it, to actually do it because they want to help the community out and to make a change in this world. First  you will start to feel like is hard and might want to leave everything and the middle but don’t give up keep going just keep in mind always what without your help people that are being hurt won’t be in the place they are if it wasn’t for those upstander people that made a change is this world so things will be better and for those people that had a hard life to have a peaceful life now.


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