10 seconds left – what should I do?
Should I pass or should I shoot?
What if I miss and it’s a brick?  
But no – my teammate comes and sets the pick…

Around I go with the ball in a flow
The defense picks me up so now it’s a give and go
FASTER , FASTER, it’s just 5 seconds left
The clock too close to zero: this is a time to be a hero

I get to my spot so I could take the shot
SWISH! nothing but net
As I see the clock is empty
The other team stands there and envies me

We’ll come back same time tomorrow
so we can make our opponents sorrow 



  1. Tayana 2 months ago

    Great Picture, Basketball is my favorite sport.

  2. Nathan 1 year ago

    You’re picture that you chose really gave me an idea and allowed me to better picture everything you talk about in your poem

  3. Fatjon 1 year ago

    Dear Terren,

    I am inspired by your poem because you believed in yourself in those moment when you shot the ball.

    A line that stands out for me was “But no – my teammate comes and sets the pick…” . I think this line is striking because you showed that you had support in those moments and also showed that with support you can win everything.

    Thanks for writing. You inspired me and maybe I will take that last shot sometimes.

    • Author
      Terren 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comment and the only reason I believed in myself was because I had a group of great teammates. But, listen sometimes its better to take the last shot instead of the first because the last shot matters more.

  4. Anthony Hampton 1 year ago

    this inspired me becuase alot of us wouldnt have the confidence to take that shot because they cant take the heat. but i feel like i wouldnt have had the confidence to take that shot

    • Author
      Terren 1 year ago

      I didn’t have the confidence to shoot the ball either but then I realized its either we win or overtime so i shot it. Sometimes you just gotta let it flow and see what happens

  5. b woods 1 year ago

    This is about a kid having confindence to do something he believes in. He wanted to take the shot from the jump , he did and he scored. He finished the game for his team with all belief he could do it.

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