Author: Gregorio

Final 9th Grade Reflection

  1. What was your project about

This project was about us choosing a problem or issue in our world and standing up for this issue in different ways. This can be by making a change, spreading awareness, getting attention of famous/well known people, reaching out to big corporations, and anything else they think would help their issue.

  1. What does being an Upstander mean to you now

Being an upstander means you are trying to make a change about something you deeply care about. Being an upstander doesn’t just mean that you made a change it means that you are trying to help in anyway you can it doesn’t matter if it goes unnoticed what matters is if you help or not.

  1. Learned about yourself as a Student/Person/Upstander in this project

In this project I learned I could do more than I thought I could such as gain some followers on our account (even thought it was pretty much my partners whole family tree) and talk to others about our issue to get them aware of the problem

  1. Next steps as an upstander for this issue or another issue

My next steps to be an upstander I think will be to get more relevance and attention for an issue because if I want to make some kind of change I would want the help of others to support my issue as well.

  1. Advice to other Upstanders, students looking to create a change