I believe that we must speak up for what we believe in or have no power to do as you truly want. I believe we all have a voice that booms within ourselves, the use only you can decide. Our voices are the instruments that lead us to success. We are all judged by society, our performance will showcase our instruments and bring to light what we are capable of. However we all have problems with ourselves, but we can’t let them stop us from expressing what we believe in.

One problem I face is that I stutter, I hate it. I don’t know how I developed it but it’s there and it’s a part of me. When I speak I think twice before saying anything, to make sure it comes out of my mouth right. When I come up with a response to a situation I formulate it in my brain, thinking it over and over again. However sometimes it can’t be helped and I stutter about repeating the first letters of a sentence until it clicks and I go through it. Sounding like a moron, but I don’t let it stop me from saying what my thoughts are. Do I get made fun of? Sure. But I’ve realized that if I don’t speak up then I’m never going to get what I truly want, I would be simply agreeing with the next person who was able to speak up. When I don’t speak up it’s as good as me not being there, my contribution to the task at hand would be nothing, I would be following orders form someone like a part of a machine. I regret it when I don’t speak up when I have an opportunity to showcase my thoughts but I am to afraid of messing up. As a person who wants to live with no regrets I sometimes let fear control my actions. The fear of messing up what I want to say, the fear of stuttering. I’ve also realised if I succumb to this fear i will never get anywhere. This fear will never let me achieve what I want to achieve in life. It will never let me be successful. Last realisation, confidence. I realised that when I am confident in myself I don’t stutter, when I am comfortable with people I become talkative. I talk away, never repeating myself. I am learning to be more confident in myself, in my actions, with my words. More confidence means I’m more comfortable, in turn means i won’t stutter dissipating the fear of messing up.

I believe speech is a very important tool that we possess and we can’t let our problems stop us from speaking. Speech allows us to communicate and talk about things, allows us to speak our minds. I believe we shouldn’t be afraid to speak up, it doesn’t matter how we do it or how well we do it, just get your voice out there.

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