We got out of the train station in the mid spring evening
Walking down the streets of London with our phones out
Standing while the bright lights pass by
Listening  for the slightest difference
The shape, the logo, the sound

Our first time there
Shivers down our spine
Crossing continents for this
We won’t give up at any time

Walking down a road
We don’t know where we are
Wander into an alleyway
There might be danger
But we go anyway
We saw something once before
But ignored it
Now we come back
And we’re happy we did
Down there we see it

Old and new
Millions worth of them
All in a hidden area
We don’t go in
That might be a bad choice
With the blinding lights in our face
We look through the glass
Exactly what we wanted

Our place of happiness

  1. Octavio 1 year ago

    Dear Oliver,
    I am interested in your poem because of the way you talk about how cars made you happy.

    I like the lines when you say
    Our place of happiness”
    I like this line because of how peaceful it sounds. A place of happiness.
    I look forward to seeing more of you work.

  2. Rayce 1 year ago

    Dear Oliver,

    I was interested in your post because of the photo. I really like the Ford GT.

    I am curious about a few lines from your poem. One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you say, “We don’t go in
    That might be a bad choice
    With the blinding lights in our face”

    What do the blinding lights represent? Are they car lights? I only ask this because your car photo makes me think that.

    Thanks for your photo and poem.

  3. Essence Palmer 1 year ago

    I like the fact that you made this into a poem. Whereas , every detail can be visualized by the reader and even other poets. Overall , what made you come up with the title “A place of happiness”?

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