I was born and raised in mid-Manhattan. I’m good at soccer and I play most days. I also like to hang out with some of my friends after school, and i would only hang out with my friends if i had little homework, if i had a lot of homework or a project due, i wouldn’t hang out with my friends or do anything, the only thing i would do is school related, like staying after school, or going straight home to finish what i need to finish. I can be a responsible kid, only sometimes.

I treasure school but I’m not really good at staying focused. I intend to do all my work, and and when I feel like i’m not doing so good in class, or classes, i do stay after school or talk to my teachers on how i can raise my grades.  At least, I used to — in the fall semester. This Spring, though, I haven’t been staying after school much. I guess because of the decisions I’ve made or make.

There are gangs in my neighborhood, and I do know this one kid, and for the question and to prevent problems, I’m not going to mention their name or anything personal information, but they are gang-involved. It’s their decision, not mine, I’m not going tell them what to do with THEIR life.                     


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  1. Jeremiah H 4 months ago

    I liked reading this story because he was open about the type of kid he is. He talked about not only his decisions in life but others too which was good. I did not like how he extended his sentences too much and he also had a few typos.

  2. Jalynn Griffin 4 months ago

    This is a good story to me because to me this story is about a boy who makes good decisions. Kevin talks about how he likes to play sports and hang out with his friends but he only hangs out with his friends if he doesn’t have a lot of homework. Kevin pushes me to be the best I can be because if he can do it, I can too.

  3. b woods 4 months ago

    This article is about a kid who chooses to make correct life decisions. He has people around him who don’t make the greatest life choices but he continues to stay on the right path.

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