Posted by Malcolm on May 7, 2019

A Happy Place

He hears it and is hooked
Over the ideas forming in his head above the headphones
Over the cadence building louder and louder
Over the constant “you ready?”
Voices replay in his head
Say it louder!
Do it over!
I’m not leaving until you get this shit right!
Though they aren’t physical
They are constantly there
he needs water
Over the melodies
Over the overwhelming nerves before every take
Above the high of a vibe
Soft touch of harmonizing amplified
Above the headphones
Pushed tight to his ear
Above the money supposed to be used for food
Instead, his craft comes first
Even down to his last
Above the loudspeakers
Amplifying his work
Better and better with each tweak
Above tuning
Above special effects
Forever grateful for having found his second home
Melodies to anthems
Before fame is work
Nothing above this
Above all
This happy place comes first