The first known psychics are from more than 4,000 years ago. Although in recent history they have a  of being rejected by the christian church and society in general, they used to have a powerful role. These first psychics are known as sybils. Sybils are considered to be a class of women who would give predictions of the future while in a frenzied state. This frenzied state is similar as to what goes on when a medium is about to connect to a spirit. When these ancient individuals were in a trance they were said to be inspired by the divine. Over time the power of these individuals has been pushed aside and forgotten, but never completely.

The role of psychics in history has been varied. They have acted in different roles. They were advisors to king and to individuals holding high offices. They even played an important part in the Religions. They were considered high priestesses and priests. They were as close to royalty as you could get. This began to fade as monotheistic religions such as Judaism and Christianity grew more and more popular.

Their role in history is recorded in Literature as well. For example, in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, multiple characters are visited by spirits of the King. This is similar to how we view  and think about psychics today. (For more examples visit


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