Author: Matthew

Everything Happens For a Reason

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Even though it doesn’t always seem like what happened was a good thing, everything makes you a better stronger person no matter how bad the thing could have been. Even when the worst thing has happened to you and you’re broken, there’s always something that you can learn from and make yourself better. At the time, it always seems like nothing good can come out of a situation, and it’s not until later when you look back on your life and realize how something has affected you.

I have the perfect example for this in my life. About 5 years ago — before my 7th grade year — My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This was devastating for my whole family, we were all broken, and it was by far the lowest point in our family as a whole. It was crushing to see her battle every single day, and just to see all that she had to go through to fight for her life. However, now that we look back on it, we realized just how much this experience has made us better. It has made us so much more faithful, and instead of just going to Church and praying everyday, we are now being more assertive into our faith and trying to learn more everyday. As for my mother, since she is now cancer free, we can look back and see just how strong of a person she has been at the lowest point of her life. We also now firmly believe that God gives his hardest challenges to the strongest of people. It also now allows us to count our blessings every single day because we now realize, without expecting it, the worst thing in your life can happen in a flash, and you have to decide whether you just give up, or if you lift your head up, and be strong to push through so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I firmly believe that everything that happens always happens for a reason. So the next time you don’t get that part in the play, or the job you really wanted, don’t think it is the end, because most likely it will inspire you to work even harder and you may end up getting a role or job way better than the one you had envisioned. Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason, and that’s to help you learn from mistakes, get stronger, and become a better person.