When receiving a reading you go in and sit down in a comfortable space. You are generally face to face with the medium. From their appearance you would never know their capabilities.  From day to day they live regular lives and have families. They run businesses involving their craft, and oftentimes they perform readings from their homes or apothecaries.

The other setting in which a medium may perform a reading is in a group. This is when there is a group of people wanting to communicate. They sit down and spirits then begin to connect with the medium. This can easily become very overwhelming for the medium, as she connects with multiple spirits until she can eventually tune it out until one. The medium then relays identifying factors of the spirit  until one of the clients can identify if the spirit is talking to them. At that point the reading becomes more intimate.

After the medium  and spirit have connected, the spirit shows the medium images in their   head. For example, they can see a clock, a month with a specific time, dates, numbers, and so on.  These images generally mean something to the living person. Once the medium has made this connection it lasts a very long time. One medium, Kim, reports that randomly she will have one spirit talk to her. This woman is an  old Italian lady who wants to connect with her family in the living.

Another way the medium can receive messages from the spirit is through different sensations in their body. For example, when communicating with a women who had passed away from a heart attack, the medium will feel pain in her chest. Likewise they can often times feel the grief, sadness, and anger of the spirit trying to connect.



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