Climate change is mainly a result of burning fossil fuels. Because of the greenhouse effect, excess heat is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. This then causes many issues to arise, such as global warming, the melting of glaciers, and the rise of sea levels. Ocean acidification and climate change both affect marine food webs and oceanic environments in addition to calcifiers, due to the fact that reefs provide shelter for a multitude of marine life. Some corals are able to recover and regain their symbionts if they have not yet fully starved to death. However, for this is to happen the water temperatures and pH must to be steady and stable for these organisms. Corals take around a decade to fully recover from bleaching, however it is likely that another bleaching event will transpire in the near future. If these corals are able to recover they will have long-term damage that weakens the entire reef system.

  1. Abhi 10 months ago

    Dear Allison,

    I really liked your post “Climate Change and the Ocean” because it outlined some key facts that are important. I believe that we need to do something about this because if we wait, it will be too late. I think that we shouldn’t ignore what the science is saying and take action. How do you think we can help stop global warming?

  2. Madison 1 year ago

    Dear Allison,

    I am happy with your post, “Climate Change and the Ocean,” because I like to think about how we as a generation have to work together in order to save the future of the Earth.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “This then causes many issues to arise, such as global warming, the melting of glaciers, and the rise of sea levels.” I think this is a really good quote because it focuses on EVERYTHING that climate change impacts.

    Thanks for your writing

  3. Madison 1 year ago

    I love reading about these issues because I know from the publicity it is gaining there are more people who will also take a stand! I think that your post really helped to highlight the specifics like coral that are in danger because of these fossil fuels. I really appreciate that you have chosen to focus on such an important topic, especially one that I am so enthusiastic about. Thank you!

  4. Andrew 1 year ago

    The ocean is one of the most beautiful places on this planet and its sad that mankind has affected it so much. You did a great job publishing this piece to inform people about the scary and impending doom we face if we continue living and dumping into our bodies of water.

  5. Carlos 1 year ago

    It is no secret that the effects of climate change on the ocean are becoming catastrophic.Ocean acidification and the killing of coral is dramatically affecting every part of the aquatic ecosystem. I thank you for spotlighting this important and cataclysmic event. I only wonder if you could maybe add a bit more to the article. You give a great hook to capture audiences. Expand on this more. Here is an article that talks about ocean acidification. Read this and expand and I will definitely be back read more.

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