My essay is about EVs or more commonly known as Electric Vehicles such as: Teslas, the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i8 and i3, Toyota Prius, Rivian, etc. The world is continuing to get more populated and as more populated it becomes the more pollution that will be allocated worldwide. The pollution causes the planet to change in negative ways. Which we call global warming. One of the main and key factors for this rapid change is Greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are what are emitted when fossil fuels are burned. So when you accelerate in a gasoline powered car it sends gas into the engine which powers the car to move. The problem with that there are too many cars with too many people driving. So the solution to fix this issue to let people drive at the same time are EVs. These are cars are electric and are powered of a battery. Just like your phone. They are charged like your phone. They die like your phone whether you use it or not. But the most important factor is that they don’t emit Greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Which not only harms the planet but our health. The following link will take you to a site which delves into the topic even more and how these changes are being implemented and what they mean for us.




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