Author: Anthony

Academic Success

In an EBSCO database study titled “The Factors Influencing University Student Academic Success” by Daniel Hepworth, Ben Tittlepage, and Katy Hancock, they researched if there was any association between academic preparedness and academic success. In the discussion, the authors explain that the more students were prepared for a class, the higher their grade was leading to further academic success. The data showed a direct positive correlation between preparedness and hard work and academic success. Social interaction, a debatably necessary action for humans, negative affected course performance. But, the same social interaction was associated directly with a rise in all around well being for the subjects. This suggest a need for a balance between the two, to offer both good health to the student but also to promote academic success. But, in addition to this they found some factors that influenced success in both beneficial and detrimental areas. Students that succeeded academically succeeded beyond education at a greater rate than students with lower preparedness and grades. This shows the importance of a balance between social integration and investment in academics, as higher grades led to higher success in the job market.