Dear David Yusum:

We are writing specifically to you because we are OUSD students and have been going to schools in Oakland since elementary school and we find it absurd how bullying still is happening. When looking through your violence prevention  page we see sources on bullying.  How can an online website help children and teens with bullying? Reading about bullying won’t stop anything. There are many more helpful resources a district can provide to the students. Bullying should be seem as a bigger issue because many people don’t know how many people are affected by bullying. Many people are experiencing  bullying or and have been bystanders. We are writing to you, because in your role as Program Manager for Restorative Justice, you have the power to change OUSD bullying policy and make things more strict. There is still bullying going on, and the resources you have for students are not useful to students.

We believe that there is many issues that cause school bullying, but one of the biggest issues are appearance. To begin in the article Wasatch Academy it talked about how different people get affected by bullying. The article Wasatch Academy wrote “In childhood and adolescence, being different in some physical, discerning way can make for an easy target of bullying. That kid with the new pair of glasses, the tall, gangly 13-year-old and the kid with big ears could all be victims of bullying due to their physical appearances. Any physical characteristic that attracts attention could increase someone’s chances of becoming a target of bullying”(Wasatch Academy). Bullying effects kids and teens of all ages. They are being bullied because of their appearance and this makes it interpersonal oppression because it’s between a group of people. It also may include institutional oppression because a lot of bullying cases happen in school and many teachers are informed of what going on because the people who are being bullied are scared of speaking out and are antisocial which the teacher just may think that they are shy. To add on in the article Josh’s story: Getting bullied at school, it talked about someone’s personal experience about how they got bullied and how 20 years later the same thing happened to their stepson. Lisa modifica wrote “In my first year of middle school, kids taunted me and spit on me in hallways. It didn’t occur to me to tell my parents or teachers. Finally, when a group of 20 kids threatened to beat me up at the carwash the next day… Twenty years later, when my 11-year-old stepson, who I’ll call Josh, came home with a sprained wrist and a head injury as a result of bullying” (Modifica). There has to be something done about bullying because how can bullying still be happening after 20 years and this shows us that the problem is the schools and the district and they aren’t offering schools. This shows us that institutional oppression is the main reason why bullying is happening because school has to teach the students about the issues.

In the past many different actions have been taken to stop bullying. For example, on they mention a project around the movie Bully ( They had community members, team up with the movie “Bully” to take a survey and tell readers and listeners the real story on bullying in their school. This shows the amount of awareness that happened. This shows public art and performance because they use art and performance to see how bad of a situation bullying is. This also shows public organizing because the school organized their students to take a survey to see what really causes bullying at their school. We think that both of these tactics of social change are on a step on being successful because it shows how it could spread awareness not only by adults but by students also. To add on, the article No Bully talked about how its partners with many organizations to get the word out about bullying. No Bully wrote “Each year 30% of students are the target of bullying and cyberbullying. No Bully has developed an evidence based program that leverages student empathy to bring this crisis to an end. Since 2009 the non-punitive No Bully Organization System has created bully-free schools for over 200,000 students”(No Bully). No Bully has helped over 200,000 students, by

Us, as a community are trying to bring awareness to our school and community by painting and anti bullying logo on Ms. Goulder’s classroom door. We want to to this because what we thought was there lots of students and people pass by our school classrooms and they will be able to see that we are against bullying and that could give out a lot of ideas that our school does not tolerate that. The supplies that we will need are painting supplies such as paint, brushes, etc.according to out rankings in our movements or movement which is public art and performance lands on the third most effective movement because public art shows how many people could see it when they passy by and the art would catch their attention so then they will see the meaning of the art. we are very confident in this because we know that this will cause awareness and will teach people that bullying is not acceptable in our community.


Janie and Chris

Annotated Bibliography

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This source is about how people form a school made a big connection from the movie “Bully” and then made the school take a survey on the real reason for the bullying at  their school. This is a relevant source because it shows how a school connects to a movie to address a real-time issue.

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No Bully is an organization that provides and help students out who are getting bullied.They have also have partnered with many other organizations to share out about bullying.

WASATCH ACADEMY. “What Are Some Common Causes of Bullying?” Wasatch Academy, 14 Feb. 2019,

Wasatch Academy talks about how people can be targets for bullying. It also talked about how there are different ways a person can be targeted and how the bully is responsible for it.

David Yusum. “Violence Prevention / Bully Prevention.” / Bully Prevention, 20 Apr. 2018,

This website shows us many other online website people can go for resources to learn more about bullying. It also allows us to see how OUSD wants to help their schools and how they see bullying from their own perspective.

Modifica, Lisa. “Josh’s Story: Getting Bullied at School.” Parenting, 4 Sept. 2018,

  1. Jesus 1 year ago

    Dear Janie and Chris,

    I could see your frustration throughout your thoughts on bullying. I could relate to this also because as for myself when I was in elementary I got bullied too. Being bullied at a young age really puts down your self-esteem because your just a kid and getting told something bad, just because how you look? I understand why you guys would write this article and I totally agree with you because all your trying to do is just spread awareness to others to see what happens to kids nowadays. Thank you Janie and Chris for being a Justice Oriented citizen, I appreciate the amount of care you have for this society.

  2. Audrey 1 year ago

    Chris and Jaine,

    I thought your article was very good. It was interesting how you used so many specific examples of stories of people who have experienced brutal bullying in their lifetime. However, adding on to this support, I think it could be effective if you brought in information about ways to tell if someone is being bullied or what do do when you know someone is being bullied. I think it is so great that you guys are passionate about this cause.


  3. Zaozao 1 year ago

    Dear Janie and Chris,
    I am enjoying to read your letter, “stop bully,” because bully becomes a big issue during children and adolescent’s life.One thing you wrote that stands out for me is: “ Bullying should be seem as a bigger issue because many people don’t know how many people are affected by bullying.” I agree with you that people should know more about bullying. One reason I say this is because bully is very normal right now. and it is bad for people. Bully will affect people’s mental and physical health. Many of people get hurt by others. Everyone should stop bully people that around you or online.Thanks for your writing.

  4. Devon 1 year ago

    Dear Chris and Jaine,

    I enjoyed reading your post! Bullying is a huge issue and by reading your post I am glad that there are students like you two who are sticking up for bullying. I agree with you that just by having a website for students who are bullied isn’t enough. Some students who are bullied might not have access to the internet so they would need that in person assistance. This subject stood out to me because it reminds me of something that happened to me in high school. My best friend was still friends with someone that I wasn’t friends with anymore and that friend would draw pictures of me that were not very friendly. My best friend would never say anything to her either which made it feel even worse. I think its great that you both want people to be aware that your school has no tolerance for bullying. And wanting to create signs on the doors of classrooms at your school is a good idea, so students will remember that bullying shouldn’t be happening. Thank you Chris and Jaine for writing this post!

  5. Jackson Potter 1 year ago

    Wow, this is a profoundly powerful and moving post. It is extremely well written and the examples and solutions you provide are moving, relevant and useful for moving into action. I really like the examples you give of advocacy organizations addressing the problem effectively. Are you asking your district official to enact a program like ‘No Bully’? Are there existing programs in OUSD that could be modified or enhanced to do more of what you are suggesting? Are there ways the broader public can support you? Let me know, i’d like to help this important work. Thanks again for writing about this critical concern.

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