Another contributing factor to our ocean’s poor conditions and additional cause to The Great Barrier Reef dying is ocean acidification. Ocean acidification occurs when emissions of CO2 seep into the ocean. This lowers the carbonate ion concentration, which is essential in building marine calcifiers’ shells and skeletal structures. This forms carbonic acid and the release of hydrogen ions. This phenomenon also causes the pH in the water to lower, making the seawater more acidic. The acidity in the ocean causes the shells in many sea creatures to break down, which is extremely harmful. It also affects the skeletal structure in corals. The skeletons of the corals breakdown faster than they can be formed, which makes them very weak and affects their growth. Ocean acidity makes corals more prone to erosion. This progressing issue affects marine food webs and oceanic environments in addition to calcifiers.

Photo by USFWS Headquarters

  1. Emmanuela Androulidakis 1 year ago

    It was a very education article that you published, I enjoyed how you had provided definitions which allowed me not only to learn more but actually understand the meaning behind it, thus understanding and affects of ocean acidification. I think it would also help if you discussed how this affected animals in the water, here is an article that discuss the affects of ocean acidification on water life and good luck with your essay.

  2. CHANAKYA DUGGINENI 1 year ago

    I really like how you explain how bad ocean acidification really is. And its process. But I think you should look into ways we can prevent or at least slow the process of sea life being affected from our emissions.



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