Warren Jeffs is the current president and self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is currently in prison in 2011 he was convicted of two felony counts of child sexual assault, for which he is currently serving a sentence of life plus 20 years. Along with this, he has also been convicted with two counts of rape as an accomplice. But these are just the crimes he has been punished with, there are countless others that he has been accused of.
Jeffs grew up in the FLDS church and was born to the infamous Rulon Jeffs the president that came before Warren. It was clear to people that Warren was special to Rulon from the beginning, after being born 10 weeks early. Warren was known as a shy skinny kid in his early childhood, somewhat of a peeping tom too shy to talk to girls. This lasted into his teens until he recognized the power and status that he had under his father. According to texasmonthly.com “Before Warren was 21 years old, he became principal of the FLDS’s private school, Alta Academy, where he tested his power to indoctrinate the upcoming generation. Children would be quizzed on his daily morning speeches. He de-emphasized science and current events and rewrote course work to reflect his interpretation of FLDS theology.” This was just the start to his assumption of power.
In 1997 his father fell ill and he took over as the president and prophet of the FLDS, no one questioned this action because it was only right that he take over for his father. He started to marry girls off to his father with no apparent reason why Rulon Jeffs did not even know why he was being told to marry so many women. It all became clear after his death in 2002 when Warren Jeffs announced that no one was to marry Rulon’s wives because he was going to marry them. This start lead to repetitive behavior that was considered illegal and was pushed to a point of no return.
In 2003 Utah authorities began charging FLDS members with bigamy, and unlawful sex with underage wives. Jeffs decided to move to Texas away from the threat of the Utah justice system to start over his prophecy where he could do what he wanted. In 2004 the silence finally broke when Warren Jeffs nephew sued him for sexual abuse from when he was a child. Warren Jeffs nephew claimed that Jeffs had anally raped him at the age of five and six in the Utah complex in the ’80s. Additionally, 6 men sued for compensation of excommunication from the church because it is very hard to live life outside the community without the ability to access the rest of the world your entire life.
After Warren Jeffs was charged with his crimes he went on the run and moved him and his guards to Eldorado Texas. This was where he hid for 114 days and married his last 12-year-old bride. During the 114 days, Jeffs was on the FBI Most Wanted List until he was caught in a traffic stop near Las Vegas on his way back to Utah. According to texasmontly.com “Inside his flashy red 2007 Cadillac Escalade, officers found four computers, sixteen cell phones, more than $55,000 in cash, three wigs, and twelve pairs of sunglasses. While awaiting trial, he attempted suicide by hanging himself and throwing himself against his cell wall” This was a tough time for Warren but what was even tougher was that while he was awaiting trial Texas officials performed a raid on his Texas compound which resulted in the inditement of 12 men in relation to Warren Jeffs.





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