Fat girl,  fat girl I heard all the jokes

Fat girl this, fat girl that ohh you’re so fat that…

I heard all the “advice”  oh you should not wear this shirt

it makes you look bigger or wearing black make you look skinnier.

A little fat girl, living in a world that hates her because the way she looks

Little fat girl that would never be a model because all they want is stick figure models.

Or she will only get a role in the movie as the funny fat friend, Sidekicks,

Or the punchline of a joke,

that whatI am a  fat joke.

A joke that the human race has overused many times over and over and over again.

i was 13 years old when I really started to like and understand my body type this who i am.

A fat girl that is soft, quiet, nice and weird,  this fat girl wears this skin that I was born in with pride and honor.

A girl that can see her fat as disappointment or something that to be ashamed or she could wear her fat as a suit of armor.

 f.a.t  A word that has been used to try and break me,

hurt me, a word that has done nothing but bring tears to my eyes

A word that has tried to pressure me to fit into society.

Fat is not a cuss word.

F.a.t is a word that people have used to describe me,  I have stretch marks that stretch from by the stomach,  hip, waist, arms, and thighs.

I have rolls and a double chin when i laugh big thighs that peek out that chair when I sit down I have big flabby arms that like to play with and pretend that their wings.

Fat, F.A.T I am beautiful I live in this small world that is gonna learn to make room for me

and when I use those words in a sentence

they make me feel so confident

Because  this time

when I say it out loud, I mean it and I actually feel it.

  1. Carlamarie 8 months ago

    I love the message behind this poem. As a big girl, I’ve been made fun of countless times over the years because of my weight, stomach and my chubby cheeks. I used to hate the way I looked because of the bullying and I was extremely insecure but I learned to love myself for who I am and ultimately find peace in the things I was taunted about. Not everyone has to be skinny or what society deems as “perfect” to be loved or to be beautiful. Every body is beautiful regardless of the size.

    • Samuel 8 months ago


      I agree with Carlamarie, You definitely deserves kudos for writing this piece. Thanks for writing a piece the challenges that notion of body shaming and reaffirms the power of self love.

  2. Madison 1 year ago

    Oh my goodness Shakia! Your poem called ” Fat Girl” is so inspiring and really hits the point of not being ashamed. I really connected with this poem because I can relate of being ashamed of myself. But this poem really helped me show myself that I am who I am and I should love myself, no matter my size. Because I learned from you that sized does not matter. Thank you and you did an amazing job.

  3. Emmanuela Androulidakis 1 year ago

    Wow your poem “Fat Girl” is uplifting to all girls out there in the sense that because you are different to what society finds acceptable or beautiful, doesn’t mean you are anything else. Your poem was very eye opening to a lot of what we find acceptable and favorable like skinny girls. All girls are beautiful no matter the color or shape, and we shouldn’t be judged for anything less. I think you would enjoy this poem about body empowerment https://onedio.co/content/24-empowering-short-poems-from-feminist-poet-rupi-kaur-12146
    Much love

  4. Veronica 1 year ago

    I am excited about your poem ”Fat girl,” because there are people who only say things as if they did not know that the other person can hurt, everyone in this world is equal we have to respect ourselves because we all have the same rights, not everything depends on a sculptural body or a pretty face.

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