Abstract art is really hard to define. It is more than any other forms of art in terms of making people think for themselves and at other times it is literally just throwing a single line on a canvas. This is a really weird thing for me, as one takes so much effort from start to finish and the other can be done by first graders. This juxtaposition is a major part of the hostility, I believe, because people can see artwork like this as all being in the same vein, and it is hard for artists to get around this stigma.

It can commonly be seen as a more pure form of art and a lot of people say that it is painting with the subject on paint, but I disagree with this. I agree with Jackson Pollock, in that you find the meaning in the painting. This is how abstract art works. It usually will have a plan which will have the outline of something that the artist will make and then work around, either physically or in their mind, resulting in an image the artist had being painted around so heavily that you can only see how that image impacted the artist while they were making it, resulting in an image being present and interpretable, something that is truly hard to perceive. But this is usually lost on critics of the abstract, as they don’t know how to see this art or interpret it.

Now, I am not saying that critics are without merit or that all modern/abstract art is genius and you are dumb if you don’t get it. All you have to do is look at the Clyfford Still Museum to understand why he didn’t want any of his work shown next to real art and why he hated critics. I am just saying that a lot of abstract artists get clumped together unfairly and that it is wrong to call a Pollock or a Kandinsky painting as something that could be done by a child. I don’t mean to bash on someone who dislikes abstract art just because it isn’t their thing. It is simply recognition of the art that is the goal, and that isn’t something that you have to have the taste for something to recognize that it has its merits.



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