For my advanced google search I chose an article that describes the causes and effects of glamorization regarding social media. It goes into detail on why we as a society need to stop romanticising these serious issues. Talking about this subject as a whole, it summarizes how it started, and why it needs to come to an abrupt end before the effects take a more serious turn than they already have. By making mental illness something “cool” to have, you take away from the real issues at hand. These “trends” have never been a healthy way of coping for any individual involved. Social media is one of the main reasons these issues have gained such a giant popularity among young individuals. The path to putting them to a stop is opening up the conversation, as well as educating others on the dangers at hand. To quote the author, “No amount of pastel quotes on Instagram or artsy photos of pills on a plate or a gun shooting flowers will alter the fact that mental illness isn’t an art form that you can “perfect.” It is an experience that can make every day painful.”

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  1. Branigan 1 year ago

    This is a very interesting article. It’s something I’ve always thought about when I spend time on social media, and see posts like the ones you described. It is a very negative situation, and is very detrimental to allowing the people actually experiencing these types of things to obtain help. You can also possibly connect these ideas to what is going on with the glamorization of serial killers in today’s society, as that is another important aspect of mental illness. Either way, it is a very interesting and important topic!

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