Stanley Kinard played a role in the African studies of black people. Kinard focused on both teaching African History and culture to New York public school students. Stanley served as founder and long-time Executive Director of the Carter C. Woodson Cultural Literacy Project.

In 2005, Kinard announced his Candidacy for City Council, 41st District, he is the very first Candidate to announce his run in the Democratic Primary for what was expected to be a very tough and contested race, but he had many community supporters.  As Stanley stated” I am extremely gratified To receive Councilman Barrons support I look forward to working with him in the council to achieve our common goals“.

Stanley Kinard had been raised in the Black Arts movement and also  played a pivotal role as a student leader establishing the W.E.B Dubois Department of Afro-American Studies and the New African Cultural Center at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Kinard was not only a faithful, loving and helping person but took pride in what he spoke and the causes he fought for. Kinard organized the coalition that installed  Frank Mickens as principal at Boys and Girls High School, and helped preserve Bedford Stuyvesant’s gifted and talented school P.S 308.

All in all this leads to the conclusion that Stanley Kinard was not only an African American legend but he gave rise to schools, people and his community. Kinard was a man of integrity, honor, and accomplishment.

To me , Stanley Kinard was an example of black manhood, I learned that being an African American man is something to be proud of.  He taught me to know about myself, my history and that others of brown and black skin color should not feel oppressed and brainwashed into thinking that they cannot succeed in life.  They are not less in the Earth, but more – so much more. I thank Kinard for helping students in school for a better future and for his amazing motivational words.

Today may Stanley Kinard´s soul rest in peace, an African American speaker gone  but never forgotten.


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