This was the most important thing I read this week because it discussed the difference between mass murderers and serial killers. Based on personal experience these two phrases commonly get mixed up, however, there are distinct differences between the two resulting in more people being fascinated with serial killers. The article mainly covered two distinct differences. Mass murderers “kill within a single location and time frame,” while serial killers commonly kill multiple people at different times, in different places. The article did discuss some similarities, such as psychopathic tendencies such as being cruel, and manipulative. However, there is a reason people dwell on serial killers and not on mass murderers. In fact, in society, it seems that serial killers are glorified, while mass murder is just seen as a horrific crime (as it should be). For example, most serial killers are psychopaths, while most mass murderers are paranoid people who commonly have behavioral disorders. The article used Ted Bundy as an example of a serial killer. He was a “charmer” flirting with girls, faking injuries, he did anything to get what he wanted. Similarly, he murdered three plus people with downtime in between each murder, classifying him as a serial killer. Furthermore, you can see that he was thrilled by his work, almost like an addict. Another similarity is how both serial killers and mass murderers normally pre-meditate their crimes, however, this is not mandatory. Serial killers are more notorious for stalking people and performing other forms of premeditation, while mass murders put less thought into their crimes.


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  1. Ruby 9 months ago

    Anna, This is one of my favorite things to read about I am obsessed with crime stories and I really thought I knew about all this but reading this I had no idea. I really did not know the difference between the two, I thought that mass murders were just someone that killed a bunch of people. Adding onto what Miriam said do you think that the movies and shows about murders draws too much attention and actually makes the problem of serial killers and mass murders worse?

  2. Matthew 9 months ago

    I really like this as it really brings up something that bugs me when people talk about how these people have no fame as there is no reason for it. People like this are idolized because they can get away with it and that they tend to get the girl in the process of doing so.
    Specifically, there is a youtube video called serial killers aren’t sexy, which really annoyed me. Ted Bundy was able to do what he did because he was an all-American hottie (idk what else to call it.) He was charming, which is what I think people tend to idolize about these people, because they tend to be the most extreme cases of being charming and attractive because they were so charming and so attractive that they got away with it, not the crimes that they did. No one really idolizes someone like John Wayne Gacy because there isn’t much to idolize there.

  3. Miriam 9 months ago

    This is very interesting. Why do you think that society glorifies serial killers and not mass murderers too? Why do you think we glorify either of these at all? I feel like all of the recent documentaries are contributing majorly to the glorification, however, I also see the value in watching them. I think they can teach us a lot, but unfortunately I think they shine a brighter light on these horrible crimes.

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