The goal of many mediums is to decipher messages from spirits. This is not only from the people who have died here on Earth but who are angels and spirit guides as well. Everyone is capable of mediumship in some degree. Some are born with this gift and other’s need to work on it in order to develop the craft. You are more likely to develop these skills if you have other developed mediums in your family. People born with these abilities tend to have an odd childhood.

One person describes her childhood and how she came to know she was a medium. For her it started when she was a kid. Her family had moved into a haunted house and she could communicate with the spirits that were attached to the house. She talks about the fear she felt as she experienced the spirit’s attempt to establish contact.

This is such an extrordxinary and unbelievable gift that many people are skeptical of whether or not it exists. It is especially easy ton pass judgememt when someone starts talking about haunted houses and communicating with the dead. It is true in some cases and there are people who do attempt to imitate the true abilities that many other actually posses. This cautions us toward relying to heavily on these individuals. The way to protect yourself against this is to go in with a cautious heart and let them earn your trust.

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  1. Ruby 1 year ago

    This topic is crazy I had no idea that everyone is capable of mediumship. Have you ever met a medium? I would love to hear about the science behind this idea as well, if there is any. This article might help you out with this

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