Perfectionism and motivation are two very understudied concepts that are very fascinating. It is evident that their are links between the two. In order to study these concepts, the researchers found that there are indeed connections between perfectionism and motivation.

The first part of the study involved breaking up perfectionism into different categories. These included personal standards, concern over mistakes, and mental toughness. They also categorized motivational orientation. These sections included self determined motivation, and non self determined motivation. The study found connections between these two psychological constructs.

Athletes who are mentally tough have more motivation, and therefore they succeed more. Athletes who have less natural motivation are more likely to be motivated by extrinsic factors. This study was done on elite tennis players in South Africa. They looked to see how they were motivated, and what made them motivated to succeed in their sport.

This study is relevant to my essay, because I believe that perfectionism and motivation are both big factors in the competitive drive. I don’t think that athletes have to be perfectionists in order to be motivated, but I do think that in order to be extremely successful, they have to want to do well for themselves rather than for other people. They said in this article that more successful athletes don’t just rely on external factors to succeed.


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