Testing in school is already stressful. Combine that with the reality that standardized testing can have a very real effect on future prospects and there is a recipe for failure. Studies have shown that these high-pressure tests (standardized tests in American public schools) are very damaging to students, teachers, and the overall education system. States and districts that have more high-pressure testing have higher holdback rates and dropout rates. These schools also have teachers who, worried about the consequences of having an insufficient class, gear all lessons towards the test rather than teaching practical life lessons. Standardized/ high-pressure testing has also begun to dive into a grey zone of racial classification. Urban students, who primarily tend to be Black and Hispanic, perform worse on these tests than other groups. This has lead to stereotyping of these students as dumb or lazy, rather than looking at the lack of support and resources in these schools. Standardized testing has not yielded the results that were originally intended. Policies such as the No Child Left Behind Act, that was meant to help all students meet a set standard of efficiency, have increased the gaps and left more children below-set standards than ever before. Since researchers have begun to further look into the problems of high-pressure testing, the more researchers discredit the system and are calling for a reform.


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  1. Jillian 2 months ago

    Thank you for the insight, Carlos. I agree with the idea of reforming the standardized testing system. It is interesting to take a closer look at the statistics you highlighted in your summary.

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