My name is Ana, I am a student at Lanier GPA High School in Austin Texas. I am 16 years old born on July 19, 2002. One thing that everybody should know about me is that I care for everybody that is in my life right now, meaning family and friends. I have lived in Austin my entire life, although my family may move outside of town.

What I like to do in school is when we have “circle” where we just talk about how we have been and just sit and listen on how or what we are going to do better. I don’t really have a specific subject that I am good at in school. What I enjoy doing when I am out of school is just hang out with my family and friends.

One topic i connected with was neighborhood safety. It is important to keep the neighborhood safe because we, the people, don’t want any violence around it. I live by a school, which the neighborhood and the police are responsible to do their part to keep it safe so nothing bad can happen. It is important because nobody wants our community to be in danger from violence. I believe children, like my little sister, should be able to play outside.



  1. Rayce 1 year ago

    hi Ana i have
    also lived in Austin my whole life and i also believe that you should feel save where you live.

  2. Maggie 2 years ago

    Hi Ana,
    I agree that neighborhood safety is very important and is not talked about enough.I grew up in a relatively safe area where I could play outside and go bike-riding with my brother. You writing made me think about how lucky I am to live in an area where that is possible. I also think it is really awesome that your school encourages a positive outlet for you to express yourself!
    I look forward to reading more of your writing,

  3. Alexandra 2 years ago

    Ana, I thought it was really amazing how you discussed neighborhood safety. I don’t think enough people acknowledge how lucky they are to be in a safe area or try to make that a possibility for other. I agree with you that the children in our lives (I have two younger brothers) deserve to be safe. This article ( talks about different ways to make your neighborhood safer. I really enjoyed reading it and hope you do too!

  4. Clara 2 years ago

    Ana, I completely agree neighborhood safety is important. In addition to the neighborhood and the police that you mentioned, is there anything that you feel would improve the safety around your school and home more so? I also think that is really cool that at your school you have a space to be open and talk about yourself. That sounds like a great outlet to have.

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