I am a human male that is 16 years old. I’m just a boring kid that can’t find anything important about himself. I was born in March 18, 2003. I don’t have any interesting events that can be a turning point. I live in New York and I never lived anywhere else. I have only moved once and that was when I moved apartments that was 2 blocks apart.

The only thing I like in school is hanging out with friends. I’m not really good at anything in school except Piano since it’s easy to get a high grade. All I do is stay home and play video games on my computer. I guess I’m a good typer. I have used computers for years, so I am pretty used to typing without looking at my keyboard.

I feel safe living in my neighborhood even though there were some fights last year. I live in a mostly hispanic and black neighborhood. I usually buy lunch at this small fried chicken store and the workers are always friendly. Sometimes I get a free item since they are nice and I’m a frequent customer.


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  1. Holley 5 months ago

    Honestly, i found your bio pretty cool. It wasn’t like the others, i enjoyed the simplicity it was refreshing to read. Also nice bird picture ( i love a good bird picture.) How is living in N.Y.C? I’ve always have wondered what that would be like. I just live in Texas its probably a big culture difference.

  2. Clara 5 months ago

    Ivan, my mouth is watering for fried chicken after I read that. Even if you don’t have any significant turning points, maybe you could talk a little bit about the workers at the shop you go to and how their kindness and generosity affects you.

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