The first detection of gravitational waves in 2015 was a large step forward in science. However the fifth and most recent recent detection of these waves has been monumental.  Scientists are saying that this detection is a game-changer. From this detection scientists have been able to learn much more about orbiting stars, specifically neutron star. From what we have recently learned about neutron stars we have been able to study the extremes of gravity because neutron stars have the mass of two Suns packed into small ball. In addition to studying extremes of gravity, scientists have also been able to study not only the waves that orbiting stars emit but have also been able to witness fiery collisions and the aftermath of these stars merging for the first time.

In addition to this, by studying these gravitational waves we have been able to get a more accurate idea of the size of the universe. “Gravitational waves produce a characteristic sound that tells you how far away their source is and now researchers have also traced the source of those waves to a collision in a particular galaxy”. Scientists have said that now for the first time they have a “‘tape measure’ to measure the size of the universe that is free of the uncertainties of traditional astronomy.”

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  1. Olivia 1 year ago

    I had no idea that these new advancements were being made. I would love more specifics on what we are learning and how it impacts the scientific community. How are gravitational waves detected and what are the causes? I hope to see more research from you in the future.

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