My name is Rayce and my favorite things to do is bmx and drive/work on cars. I was born in Austin Texas. When i got my first bmx bike i never wanted to do anything else other then ride my bike. I have lived in Austin my entire life.

I honestly hate school: it’s boring and I suck at it. Right now I am just trying to finish my classes so I can be done. I enjoy riding my bike and working on my car outside of school. I’m good at riding my BMX bike and I have just never stopped riding it for the last 6 years.

I strongly agree that my community is a safe place because I have lived here my entire life and I grew up riding my bike around by myself by the time I was around 10. I have never felt unsafe. This is important to me because I feel like you should be able feel safe in a place that you live.


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  1. Natalie 4 days ago

    Hi Rayce,
    I liked your bio post because I also sort of hate school too. Living in a safe place is important and I feel like Austin is safer than a lot of other places, or at least safer than where I used to live in Brownsville.

    I was surprised that you ride BMX. I think it looks really crazy, but its cool that you’re very passionate about it. Even though you don’t like writing i hope to read more of it.

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