As I have researched further into the Josh and Susan Powell case, there have been many more disturbing facts that have surfaced about Josh’s history and the unethical worth of the 911 operator, and many more factors that would inevitably be the reason for the death of the two young  Powell boys.

An article that I read notes on the fact that Josh was a threatening and narcissistic young boy. He would refuse to follow orders from his mother and threaten her with his demeanor and manipulation, all signs if a narcissist. However, over the years he would eventually get physical with his mother and come to threaten her with a knife when asked to do simple tasks around the house. This was a telling sign that Josh was a dangerous man, however many believed he had grown out of it in his adult years and was no longer a threat to anyone.

Another article I read was about the 911 operator who was assisting the social worker right before Josh blew up his house with him and his two sons inside. This 911 call that the social worker placed was chilling to say the least. Not only was the 911 operator being almost rude to this woman placing the call, he was violating many  department policies by not recognizing the “red flags” being described by this social worker. As a trained 911 assistant you would think that if someone told him that two children were snatched and locked in a house, where there was a smell of gasoline in the air, that the operator would immediately label this as a high risk case and send cop cars as soon as possible. Not only to mention that he knew the father was Josh Powell, a known sociopath and killer.

This was a very tragic situation that would have had the possibility of being prevented had this specific 911 operator been called to action sooner. There are definitely any factors that are involved in the loss of the two Powell boys, however this is just one piece of the puzzle.



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  1. Emma 2 years ago

    Sophie, this is a compelling review of Josh Powell’s psychopathic tendencies. I find it especially interesting that you mentioned his nature as a child. Criminals often display certain signs during their formative years, such as threatening behavior, cruelty to animals, and bed-wetting. I also find it fascinating to hear about the questionable ethics of authority figures as they dealt with the Powell family case. I would love to hear even more of your thoughts on this case!

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