A bill has been proposed by State Representative Merrill F. Nelson to the Utah Legislature that would ban the state of Utah from being able to change the assigned gender listed on birth certificates. This is a major issue for for many people. It attacks anyone who is transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming. While some people may disagree that there are more than two sexes for religious reasons, science does not lie. There are many medical reasons and natural reasons to oppose this bill. For example, their are genetic mutations that can occur affecting sexual development after birth, so who might appear to be “female” at birth may not actually be female according to the bills definition of female. The bill defines someone who is female as an individual with ovaries who is confirmed before or at birth to have external anatomical characteristics that appear to have the purpose of performing the natural reproductive function of providing eggs and receiving sperm from a male donor. According to this bill, women with an androgen insensitivity would not count as female which is just one of several medical conditions around sexual development. While the fact that this bill lacks all information regarding sex is a huge problem, it is mostly and clearly an attack on the ability for transgender individuals to live their lives the way they want and is an affront on their freedom. It shows that they do not see their identities as valid. In the past, therapists did not accept these identities either, however, time has shown that their identities are real and that things like gender dysphoria need to treated to protect the mental health of transgender people by being recognized for who they are. This bill would limit people’s ability to do that. Some people need that tangible proof that they are who they are in order to feel comfortable and accepted by society. All anybody searches for in life is happiness and acceptance. Gender dysphoria alone can be isolating. When you add on the fact that you cannot be legally recognized for who you are, the burden just gets greater and greater. Because there is so much evidence pointing to this bill being a disaster, it is clear that it has only been proposed out of hatred and out of a lack of knowledge. If our legislature were educating themselves, they’d look past their religious values and consider the over all social impacts this bill would have on our community. And I don’t mean the Trans community, I mean Utah’s. Salt Lake City is known for being a kind group of people who always try to help others. Our legislature is supposed to make informed decisions to protect us. This bill does the complete opposite and completely shames Utah’s beloved reputation. https://nowcomment.com/documents/135803 Photo by tedeytan




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